If I seem to have dropped off the social map for a few days, there’s a reason for it. Jenn and I are in Albuquerque, NM all weekend where I’m teaching for a few days. However, until tonight, it was a secret that I was coming, so we’ve been flying under the radar a bit.

However, a 6’5″ guy with a faux hawk can only do so much “under the radar” work. We were spotted many times, but it’s ok.

We flew in a day early so that Jenn and I could attend the And If Our God Is For Us tour with Chris Tomlin & Louie Giglio. It was great to see my dad and it was absolutely amazing and refreshing to worship with about 2500 people! Here’s a shot of the sold out Kiva Auditorium last night…

This morning was a much-needed rest for me. While Jenn was at breakfast with some friends, I sat in a chair at our hotel for 2 hours and did nothing but pray, read, and think. It was a great break from the past 3 weeks of non-stop sermon prep.

Beginning tonight I’ll be teaching 7 times (6 unique messages) over the next 4 days.

It kicks off tonight at Renovate, Calvary Albuquerque’s college ministry that meets in an old theater in downtown Albuquerque. It’s thriving ministry with a couple hundred college-age students who meet weekly. Apart from Awaken, it’s one of my favorite places to teach – I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also excited to be joined by Esterlyn, who will be leading worship tonight!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing 2 chapel services at Hope Christian School – my old stomping grounds. I’ll be talking about sex & purity with all the middle school students and high school students. I’m always humbled by these opportunities and amazed that God uses me to address people about the issues that used to grip my life. I’m looking forward to that!

Friday night begins The Weekend – an in-town retreat for a few hundred mid- and high-school students at Calvary. That’s the real reason I’m in town. I’ll teach once Friday night, then Saturday morning, Saturday night, then a final session on Sunday morning. I’ll be speaking about a few people in Scripture who were forgotten and overlooked. I’m praying that we all walk away reminded that it’s not about being famous, but being faithful. Esterlyn will also be leading worship all weekend as well!

This is the 10th anniversary of The Weekend and Jenn has been a part of every single one except for last year’s. I’ve been a part of almost all of them, but I’ve always done the behind-the-scenes preparation and planning. It’s great to be on this side of it now!

I’m humbled and excited for all of these opportunities that I have! Please pray with me that God would soften hearts, open ears, and change lives this weekend!


P.S. Awaken Church, you’ll want to MAKE SURE to be at Awaken this Sunday! One of my favorite teachers and a good friend of mine, Chip Lusko, will be bringing the Word! You’re sure to be blessed. Don’t miss it.