I have an upcoming opportunity to speak about the topic of sex and purity. I always love these opportunities because it’s an issue that’s near and dear to my heart. For years, I struggled with addiction to pornography and its resulting guilt, pain, and disconnection from God. It was awful…and completely unnecessary.

I’ve since had the opportunity to speak in front of large audiences about the topic, blog about it, and more. However, often when I get to do that, I meet the person who is sick of hearing about God’s “rules” or “commandments.” Although legalism certainly is a problem in our culture and many people try to impress God with their obedience, we have to realize that boundaries are there for a reason.

For instance, my 18-month old daughter would love to climb the stairs to my office every day if she could. However, we’ve installed a trusty baby gate at the bottom to keep her off. Why did we do that? Because we’re mean parents, of course! We know that upstairs is really where the party is. It’s not really my “office” – it’s my play room! I’m not working up there – I’m playing skee ball, Xbox, jumping in a bouncy castle, and drinking Red Bull all day…right? WRONG!

We know that for her to climb the stairs unattended could be dangerous. So, out of love for her and for her protection, we set up boundaries. It works the same with God. He knows the physical, mental, and spiritual consequences of crossing those lines. So, out of His love for us and for our protection, He sets up boundaries.

And yet, inevitably, we think we know best.

Remember this: God has given you a choice when it comes to sin. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says that there’s a way of escape in every temptation. Jesus’ death & resurrection broke the power of sin and death. So don’t try to say that you “couldn’t help it.”

You’re not the victim of your sin – you’re the criminal. The good news is that Jesus died for criminals!

Whatever your struggle is, whether it’s sexual in nature or not, recognize that God has put boundaries in place because He loves you. He only has your best in mind. It will take some sacrifice to follow Him, but it’s ALWAYS worth it!