Awaken will be holding its first-ever funeral on Friday, April 22 at 6pm.

The funeral service is for Jesus Christ.

In an effort to remind us all of the reality of the death of Jesus, we’ll hold a Good Friday funeral for Jesus complete with casket, hearse, pallbearers, and more.

The Day God Died

Last year, we went pretty traditional with our Good Friday service, but we wanted to think outside the box this year and do something that’s not normally done. We wanted people to really grasp the reality of the death of Christ. If He had died today, He might be buried in a similar way – His body placed in a casket, carried out by pallbearers, loaded into a hearse, then lowered into a grave.

For many people, the death of Christ has become a story that gets revisited once a year. Not this year. We want it to really hit home.

God’s Not Dead.

In addition to our Good Friday service, we’ll also be holding 2 Easter Sunday services on April 24 at  9 & 11am! That day, of course, will be full of celebration and a look at how the resurrection of Christ impacts our eternity.

Although Jesus really died, He didn’t stay dead! He’s very alive today!

Awaken Kids will be available for all 3 services that weekend, so that people of all ages can learn about the death and resurrection of Christ on their own level. We’ll be doubling our Awaken Kids staff on Easter Sunday so that everyone can be a part of one of at least one of the Easter services.

All 3 services will also include a Gospel message and an invitation for people to come forward and give their lives to Christ. We view these days as strategic time to bring hurting people to Jesus. In preparation for this huge weekend, a group of us will be fasting and praying each Friday leading up to Good Friday. Please feel free to join us as we ask God to work powerfully.

Beginning April 1, we’ll be renting out a billboard space in Governor’s Square mall to help us spread the word about the service. We also have 2,500 postcards available at Awaken for you to take to pass out wherever you go. In addition, we’ll be organizing some street teams for those who want to hit the streets and spread the news that way!

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Below is the video of the announcement I made on Sunday about the services…