I’m a creature of habit. There are a few restaurants where I don’t even have to use a menu – I know what I want before I walk in the door. When the waitress asks what I want to drink, I go ahead and place my food order as well.

Although that might come in handy at a restaurant, it can be destructive in our relationship with Christ. It’s called a rut – they’re easy to fall into and get stuck in.

Paul wrote some important words to the Corinthian church…

“For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” – 1 Corinthians 16:9

Barrier or Launch Pad?

Paul was about to step foot into something new, but there were obstacles to overcome. For many, that would have prevented any further venture in that direction. Not Paul. Obstacles weren’t barriers to him – they were launch pads. He used them to launch further into ministry and do even greater things for the Kingdom of God.

Don’t just maintain.

I’ve recently encountered some obstacles of my own. Months ago, we began to feel the need for small groups at Awaken. The church began as a small group, but it’s grown beyond that now. There was a need to connect outside the church walls. However, things were working great at the church. It was growing, new families were coming each week.The tendency, although we began to feel the need, was to just stick with what was working – maintain.

The last thing we should do as Christians and as ministry leaders/pastors is maintain. We need to constantly be pressing forward, thankful for what we have, but always longing to reach more people with the Gospel. We need a divine discontent.

Starting Awaken Groups was no easy task. It took months of planning, reading, meeting, researching, and praying to figure out when and how to implement small groups. All along the way, the temptation to stay with what’s comfortable was nagging. That would be so much easier.

In any stage of ministry, there will be obstacles and adversaries. Expect them, then push them out of the way and charge ahead.

ROCK THE BOAT! Don’t be scared to try new things. It’s part of the process. If you fail, you learn from your mistakes and you move on.

What’s that thing you know you should do, but you’re scared to do it? Today is the day to embrace it. Step out in faith.