It seems like every week I get to announce something new and exciting at Awaken! I love it!

Last night, right before our study began, I announced a day of prayer, fasting, and worship that we’re calling “The Awakening.” It will be an all-day even, but in a much different way than you may think.

From 6am-6pm, we’ll meet digitally – through Facebook and Twitter. Every hour on the hour, we’ll be posting new things to pray for. Throughout the day, all around the city, we’ll be fasting and praying together for these topics. The day will culminate with a night of prayer and worship at Awaken from 6:30-8pm.


On Wednesday nights, we’re in the middle of a mini-series called “Pillars” where we’ve been discussing the “pillars” that supported and strengthened the early church – preaching, fellowship, and prayer. My vision for this series has been to not only provide somewhat of a report card for Awaken, but also treat it like a launch pad for some new things.

Repairing what’s been broken

In addition to wanting to implement more prayer into the church, I recently read through Nehemiah again and was struck by his brokenness for his city. When he learned of its devastation in Nehemiah 1, he immediately responded in prayer and fasting. He cried out to God to gather His people and restore what had been broken down. That’s our prayer for The Awakening.

We want to see God repair broken lives, marriages, and families.

We want to see a fresh move of the Holy Spirit sweep through Clarksville in a way we’ve never seen.

We want people to catch the vision that God has for them. It’s much bigger than most people realize.

So, like Nehemiah, we’ll spend the day fasting and praying (even if you don’t want to fast or can’t for some reason, you can still join us in prayer), then the evening worshiping and praying. If you live in Clarksville, whether you go to Awaken or not, you’re invited to join us. Everyone, regardless of where you live or where you go to church is invited to join us online on Friday, March 4 in prayer for our city and church!

If you haven’t already, “like” our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

We want to see our city awakened for Christ. Fighting that battle begins through prayer.