Last night, I made an announcement about something we’d been praying about, researching, planning, and preparing for for months:

Awaken Groups will kick off in homes across the city on Sunday, March 6 and run for 10 weeks. Groups meeting in the first half of the week will discuss the Sunday message from Awaken, and groups meeting in the second half of the week will discuss the Wednesday message.

Awaken Groups are designed to meet a big need within Awaken for fellowship outside of the church walls. It’s great to connect at the church – we should be doing that (I preached on that last night). However, if we only do that, it’s not enough. We were born with a need for fellowship and communion with other believers. Awaken Groups will provide that much-needed encouragement, support, accountability, and so much more.

For the first few months of Awaken, we didn’t have small groups because we were a small group. The whole church could (and did at times) fit in someone’s living room (or the upstairs of a bank building). I enjoyed the size and intimacy of the church body then, but it’s been exciting to see it grow as well. With the growth came a need to connect people outside of the formal church-building-setting on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Since this is our very first trimester, we’re starting small. We’ll have 5 total groups: 3 adult/family groups that meet on different nights throughout the week (2 on Mondays and 1 on Friday, for now), a deployed group that will meet in Afghanistan, as well as Awaken Students (a version of Awaken Groups targeted at middle school and high school students!). Stay tuned for blog posts in the next few days about our Army small group and Awaken Students!

We’re praying that each trimester will bring the launch of new leaders and new groups. As the church grows, so will Awaken Groups. We eventually want to have groups meeting on every night of the week throughout the city and in other cities as well!

Sign-up for our first-ever trimester of Awaken Groups begins next next Wednesday, February 23 at 6pm at Awaken. If you attend Awaken, you’ll want to be there early to get into the group of your choice. Groups will be closed once they’re full, so don’t wait around – it’s first come, first served!

If you didn’t get an Awaken Groups card, you can download one at, or you can also get them at Awaken on Sunday. They’ll give location, times, night of the week, and info about who is leading each group.

If you attend Awaken, you NEED to join an Awaken Group!

Find out more at

You can also hear Pastor Kevin make the announcement about Awaken Groups by downloading it HERE!