Over the last 2 Sundays, I had the opportunity to teach a mini-series on marriage within our study through 1 Peter! If you missed it, you can grab the podcasts on iTunes as well as watch the video about the wife’s role (husbands, ours will be up later this week).

It was fun  to address both crowds, but also a bit challenging – especially 1 Peter 3:7 – the husband’s role. As I studied last week, I was humbled and realized (again) how thankful I am for my wife, and how I could a much better job at showing that to her. I sat her down and apologized, asked for input, and spent some time repenting and asking God to forgive me as well. It was so healthy and so needed.

As I closed Sunday’s message, I mentioned the “Marriage Check-Up” cards that we had included in all the bulletins. I encouraged every couple to sit down together some time this week (the sooner, the better) and go over these questions together. Jenn and I did on Saturday, and it turned into a long, deep, healthy conversation. We ended up talking about things that I hadn’t even thought through. It was really good for both of us.

Below is the video of week 1 of “Marriage is …To Be Continued” (for the ladies), and the guys’ video will be up later this week.

Also below are the 7 questions from the Marriage Check-Up cards that we passed out this weekend. If you didn’t get one (or don’t go to Awaken), grab them here and sit down and discuss with your spouse…

1.    Do we know and respect each other’s roles?

2.    WIFE: Am I allowing my husband to take the lead and respecting him as the leader of our home?

3.    HUSBAND: Am I cherishing and honoring my wife, considering her feelings above my own?

4.    Do we focus on the eternal or the temporary?

5.    Do we talk, openly and honestly, about life with each other?

6.    Does our marriage set a good example for our kids (if you have some)?

7.    Do we pray together AND for each other on a consistent basis?