As 2011 nears, it’s interesting to look back at 2010 as we close it out. Looking back on my most-viewed blog posts of 2010 actually sums up the year quite well. So, here they are in reverse order…

#10: This Isn’t “Goodbye,” It’s “Seeya Later!”

My good friend and last-name-sharer, Denver Miller, moved to TN with us in July of 2009, but headed back to NM in July 2010 to pursue further ministry there. It was sad to see him go, but ministry goes on!

#9: Awaken Church is Moving.

Not surprising that this blog post made the top 10 list. Our current remodeled building is our 4th in 16 months!

#8: Unity Amidst Destruction

Although 2010 presented us with many hurdles and reasons for division, we saw unity come from it all. We made life-long friends through some of the hardest circumstances! The very events that Satan intended to use to destroy the Church, God used to built it up!

#7: Turkey and Porn

2010 presented me with a humbling opportunity to post monthly blogs for, a ministry that helps people overcome addiction. They call me a “sex blogger,” and although that may sound a bit vulgar, that’s the topic I blog about. I’m a pastor; and I use my past with porn to help others put porn in their past.

#6: I Married My Best Friend

Jenn and I hit the 7-year milestone this year in our marriage. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!

#5: Happy Digital Christmas

I love technology and I love Christmas. I also love how the 2 were combined in this very creative video.

#4: After the Water Comes the Mud

We were blown away by the support that poured in (pun intended) after the flood that rocked the church in May. We received donations from California to New Jersey and from Montana to New Mexico – literally from coast to coast to coast to coast! Thanks to all of you who kept up with the progress of the church post-flood!

#3: Interview with an Ex-Prostitute

This was another in my series of HeartSupport blogs. I had the privilege of designing the layout of a CD for the Hope Foundation, headed by Bronwen Healy, out of Australia. She gave me permission to post a brief interview with her about her past in prostitution and drugs and how God pulled her out. Powerful stuff!

#2: Mission Trip to Tennessee

We had teams from different churches drive for hours (one from a different state) to help us (and others) clean up after the flood. What they may not have been able to do financially, they did energetically!

And of course the #1 viewed blog post of 2010: The Flood: Update, Pics, & Ways to Help

This blog post got almost 10x the amount of views of any other blog I’ve ever posted. Support poured in, prayers went up, and the Church was expanded through a catastrophe that God used for the best! We can’t say it enough, but here it goes again: THANK YOU!