This is our 4th remodel of an Awaken Church building in 16 months – that’s an average of 1 building every 4 months. That’s WAY too much painting, cleaning, and moving for anyone, in my opinion.

Our Christmas Eve service last night was our first service in our new building. We worked till midnight on Thursday night finishing it up. It was a fun family service – we were joined by all the kids and families as we worshiped together. My good friend, Ryan Wylie, was here from Albuquerque to lead worship for us as well.

On our very first service in the new building we already filled it up! That was fast…but that seems to be how God moves! I had a couple people ask me last night where we’d be moving next. Believe it or not, I already have my eyes on a place and have been praying for it for months (more on that when the time is right).

Tomorrow (the day after Christmas) kicks off our Sunday services in our new building. We’ll be debuting our new electronic kids check-in system, expanded and updated kids classrooms, plus, a special message from Luke 2, which I’m excited about.

We’ll have pictures posted soon from our Christmas Eve service, but below is a little walk-through of our new building that I shot on my phone a couple hours before service began.

If you’re in the Clarksville area, join us on Sunday mornings at 10am or Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. What a ride it’s already been – I can’t imagine what’s next!