Jenn and I stayed at the church pretty late last night decorating it for Christmas tomorrow. We’ll be studying Luke 2 in a message I’m calling The 7lb 8oz Savior of the World. Once we finished decorating and cleaning, we sat down on the couch and thought about all we have been through in that building.

That building will forever be the beginning of Awaken Church. It’s where we began and it’s where we’ve seen God provide in so many ways. We’ve counseled, prayed, studied, partied, worshiped, painted, and fellowshipped in that building. We cleaned it up and painted it in September 2009 (pictured to the left), then got to redo the whole thing in May 2010 after the flood that wiped it out.

It’s crazy to think of moving on into a new place, but we’re very excited about it.

In July, when we repainted the building, it took 5 of us about 4 (very long) days to complete the project. This time, although we had twice the square footage to paint, we completed it in only 5 (very long) days. Last Sunday, on our first day of painting, we had 13 people show up to help. That is as many people as attended the church in May when the flood hit! Amazing how quickly it’s changed!

So tomorrow is the big day. We have service at 10am, but as soon as the message is over, clean up will be much different than normal. We’ll unplug, pull down, box up, stack up, and prepare to move out. Wednesday is the official move-in day as long as everything with the city’s inspection goes well. Friday (Christmas Eve) is our first service in the new building. We have a lot to do before then, but it will all come together. Bring a friend and join us as we enjoy our new building and celebrate the birth of the Savior!