We finally got started painting the building on Sunday afternoon. As it snowed outside, a big team of us painted inside. By Monday evening, we had accomplished in 2 days what it took us 5 days to do back in July! In fact, we had as many people show up to paint on Sunday as attended the church back in July! It’s amazing what God has done in such little time.

As I type, a construction crew is priming the Kids Ministry side of the building, and we’ll resume painting tonight.

Right now, we’re completely done with the first half of the building. The Kids Ministry side is the fun part – it has all the cool colors! We will be working on that tonight and tomorrow morning. As soon as that’s finished, the tile and carpet guys will come in and get the floor finished. We’re hoping to have that done by this weekend, then as soon as the city approves it, we’re moving in!

Tomorrow night’s Night of Worship is our last Wednesday night service in our current building, and this Sunday is our last service in there. Next Wednesday, December 22, is canceled as we move in and set up in preparation for our first service in the new building: CHRISTMAS EVE!

It’s bee a ton of work so far, but also really rewarding as we see the building start to take shape.

If you’re interested in helping paint tonight, show up at 6pm. There will be snacks and drinks for all the volunteers, good music, good people, and LOTS of work! We’ll continue working tomorrow morning as well. Stay up-to-date with the progress and work times on our Facebook page and Twitter.

As always, if you’d like to help financially with the cost of moving into the new building, click HERE. All donations are tax-deductible…and awesome!

Thanks again to all who have helped. We pray that God uses this building to change even more individual lives, marriages, and families through the teaching of His Word!