It’s November 16th – kind of a random date. It does happen to be the day before National Homemade Bread Day (Nov 17), and also the same day that Oklahoma entered the Union (1907), but nothing seems to really stand out too much about November 16.

We love holidays and days with special meaning or significance behind them. Because of that, we often base our actions around those dates, especially January 1 – New Year’s Day. It’s a day that makes us feel like starting over or doing something new or stopping an old habit. We call them “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Those are great and all, but here’s my question: Why wait around till January 1 to change something or do something new? Who made the rule that you need to do that? God doesn’t observe that tradition – His mercy is new every day!

Here’s the point: Don’t wait around till January 1 to break a habit or start a new one.

Tired of smoking? Why not quit today (or at least start the process)?

Want to love your wife/husband more? Today is a good day to start (January 1 is too long to wait).

Want to read the Bible all the way through in a year? January 1, 2011-January 1, 2012 isn’t the only 365-day stretch. November 16, 2010-November 16, 2011 works well too!

Want to get into better shape? It’s warmer now than in January, so go for a run today.

What’s my resolution, you ask? Memorize more Scripture. It’s something I’ve been good at in the past, but I’m guilty of not always maintaining. I want to have the hunger that the author of Psalm 119 has for God’s Word, and I’m not willing to wait another 46 days to get that started.

So that’s my November 16th Resolution. What’s yours?