One thing I knew I’d do a lot of when I planted Awaken Church was learn lessons. That’s the main thing I do now – learn lessons. That’s the benefit (and the challenge) of setting out to do something that you’ve never done.

Here’s a big one I’m learning right now: the balance between patience and pursuit.

Here’s what I mean…

There are 2 extremes when it comes to following the Lord, and they both have their place.

The first is sitting back and being patient. That’s a tough one for anyone. Our culture pampers us with overnight delivery, fast food, and pizza in 30 minutes or less. We get so used to having everything at our fingertips that sometimes it’s really challenging to sit back and wait. However, the most challenging things can often be the most rewarding. There are times when God wants you to learn by sitting back and waiting on His timing. We’ve had to to that a lot at Awaken. I tend to dream big, and yet, many times I find myself jumping the gun. I’m still learning patience (and probably always be) when it comes to doing things at God’s pace, not mine. After all, His is always far better.

Then there’s the flip-side of the coin: pursuing the vision God has given you. At some point, there comes a time to stop sitting around waiting on God to provide a bigger budget, more volunteers, or _____________ (fill in the blank). It’s time to just go for it anyway. God certainly teaches us a lot as we sit back and wait patiently, but He can teach us just as much when we march ahead with our God-given vision. Maybe the lesson you’ll learn is that you’ve been trusting in that thing or that person so much that you’ve forgotten that it’s God who accomplishes it anyway. Maybe it’s time to get up and go for it.

Somewhere between being patient and pursuing the vision, there’s a fine line to walk. It’s as different for you and me as our struggles and strengths are different. As God tells you to sit back, He may tell me to go for it, or vice versa. We all need balance though.

Maybe you’ve sat back and complained about your deficit for so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to get up and see God provide. My advice to you: GO FOR IT! God is bigger than your lack of money, lack of help, and lack of ___________. He’s God. Don’t forget that.

Or, maybe you’ve gone ahead with something that God intended for you to sit back and wait on. Pull back the reins. Admit you jumped the gun, it’s ok. And if you’re too far along to pull back now, confess your lack of patience, and run with it. God is bigger than our lack of patience (and sometimes that’s pretty big!).

Where do you find yourself today? What are you lacking that you need to trust God for? What are you doing that you should put the brakes on, and wait for God’s timing and provision? God has lessons for us in those in between moments. Be prepared to learn them – you’ll be glad you did.