Do you remember Show & Tell at school?

It was basically a chance to SHOW off and TELL everyone how awesome you are.

The best Show & Tell was something that everyone got to touch or take home with them: ice cream sandwiches, marbles, petting your rabbit – those were cool.

Honestly, nobody cared about the kitten sweater that your grandma made for you or that you’re “starting to get good at playing the recorder.”

Psalm 19 is God’s version of Show & Tell – it’s God on display through the world He created and the Word He recorded. The best part is, just like the best Show & Tell, we can take it home with us!

When I taught Psalm 19 last Wednesday, at the end, I issued The Psalm 19 Challenge. It has 2 parts:

1) Spend 15 minutes enjoying God through NATURAL REVELATION (creation/nature).

We all have at least 15 minutes that we can spend enjoying the sights and sounds of God’s creation. After all, “God’s glory is on tour in the skies…” (Psalm 19:1 – The Message). His fingerprints are everywhere you look. I challenge you to do this. Find some time somewhere in the busy-ness of life to separate yourself from technology and all distractions, and just take it all in. If you need an extra challenge, try counting the stars. When you can’t count any more, stop and think that not only does God know exactly how many there are, but He created them, knows them by name, and hold them in place!

2) Spend some time every day for the next 7 days enjoying God through SPECIFIC REVELATION (your Bible).

The world is a great, generic way that God reveals Himself to us, but the Word is a much more specific way. He lays out His plan and His love for each of us in a 66-volume masterpiece called “The Bible.” Most books that you read, you’ll never talk to the author, but the Bible is different – you have a direct line of communication with its Author. So, ask God to speak to you through it.

My prayer this week has been that people would experience God in a whole new way as they enjoy Him in these 2 ways. I also pray that our response to Him would be like David’s was in the closing verses of Psalm 19: repentance and obedience.

So, have you taken The Psalm 19 Challenge? I’d love to hear your thoughts…