I’ve read through the Bible a few times, so I know that I’ve read every verse in there. No matter how many times I’ve read it though, there are verses that occasionally jump out at me when I read them again. They’re verses that I know I’ve read before, but that, for some reason, I can’t remember reading.

Maybe it’s because I just wasn’t paying attention the first time.

Maybe it’s because I’m in a different stage of life now, and it speaks to me in a new way.

I ran across one of those verses about a week and a half ago in my journey through the Book of Isaiah (and ultimately, the Bible). It jumped out at me and I couldn’t read much more. I covered the rest of the chapter and started the next, but I had to keep looking back.

Since communicating is what I do, I automatically began thinking of how I’d communicate the message that God was laying on my heart. I didn’t know when or where the right time would be. There’s no way I could tweet it and leave it at 140 characters – that doesn’t even begin to do it justice. I could blog it, but I didn’t think that was the right outlet either. I shared the verse with my wife and another friend/church planter, but I didn’t know what else to do.

At the same time, I was wrestling in my mind with what I want to teach (or as we call it in the South, “preach”) on this upcoming Sunday as we prepare to celebrate Awaken’s first birthday. I went through a bunch of my favorite verses, passages, stories, and texts. I couldn’t settle on one. All the while, I was praying this verse for me and for the church, and wondering how and when would be the best way to share it. I don’t know how I had those 2 struggles simultaneously battling in my head, but on Sunday, in the middle of worship, I realized that the solution to both problems was found in each other.

What should I preach as we look back at the last year and forward to the next? Isaiah’s words in this one powerful verse.

What would be the best way/place to share these powerful words? When we, as a church, look back on our first year and forward to the next!

I’ve been praying this verse for 10 days now and, including today, there are only 5 more days to pray it till I preach it. I believe that God has big things in store, not only for this Sunday, but for the year (and years) ahead! I can’t wait to share what God is laying on my heart – I’m overwhelmed with Him!