For a while growing up, I loved reading. I was a nerd – I loved the L. Frank Baum Wizard of Oz books. If it had the word “OZ” in the title, I probably read it at some point. Eventually, though, I stopped loving books. I don’t know what it was. It may have been that we had to do it for school. It became homework instead of leisure, and I was not a fan of homework (I have yet to meet a student who is.).

After I graduated high school, and going through a year of School of Ministry at Calvary Albuquerque, the dislike of reading began to change. I remembered the value of reading and began to enjoy it again (even though I had very little time to do it). My love for a good book was fanned into a full flame by a fellow pastor that I really look up to, Dave Row. He devoured books as if he wouldn’t be able to read tomorrow. In fact, when he was first beginning in ministry, he would often stay up till 1 or 2am reading and studying, then wake up by 6 to keep reading and studying. Then, as if he hadn’t read enough, he paid a coworker to drive him to work every day so that he could read more in the car. They were under the agreement that he was paying him so that they didn’t have to talk and Dave could read more!

Dave’s love for biographies rubbed off on me. For a while, he ran a small group of guys who got together monthly and discussed ministry books and biographies. His love for reading was contagious and it keeps me going today.

I was just outside reading on my back porch (one of my favorite things about a Sunday evening), and I started wondering what other people are reading. So, I figured I’d share what I’m reading and what I’ve read lately, then I’d love to hear what book(s) you’re working through now…

I just started Warren Wiersbe’s 50 People Every Christian Should Know. If you’re a beginner at biographies or looking for some ideas about who to learn more about, this is a great place to start. I’ve read lots of biographies, but I’m really enjoying this one. So far, I’ve read about Martin Luther’s wife, Katherine, as well as Samuel Rutherford and Henry Martin.

A few months back, I finished up one of the many Billy Graham biographies. This one was just called Billy (the full title is Billy: The Untold Story of a Young Billy Graham and the Test of Faith that Almost Changed Everything). I know there are lots of good Billy bios out there, but this was the one I chose. I loved it. I read through it in about a week – I had a hard time putting it down. I read this one on my iPad. If you’re a fellow iPad owner, here’s the link in the iBookstore.

Next up for me is Gene Edwards’ The Prison in the Third Cell. It’s the story of John the Baptist, in prison, awaiting his execution, wondering if Jesus really is the Messiah. Powerful stuff! I know, I know – the front cover is horrible. Normally, I’ll be honest, I’d bypass a book with a cover that bad. However, this is a classic case of not judging a book by its cover. If you’ve ever read Gene Edwards’ A Tale of Three Kings, you know exactly what I’m talking about (That’s another one you should get and read often. I think I’ve read it five times and I love it more every time.).

So, enough about my bookshelf, what’s on yours?

What are you currently reading and what do you recommend? Leave a comment below and let me know!