We did it. After 40 weeks of study in the Book of Acts, we finally did it – we finished the book! My first teaching out of Acts was at Awaken’s very first Wednesday night service ever – September 23, 2009. I taught the first few verses of Acts as we learned what the book is about and what we’d be learning in the months ahead.

We ended our study with a recap of the whole book – I called it “An Aerial View of Acts.” Since we spent 39 weeks walking through the book of Acts, following the Apostles on their adventures, meeting people, and watching events take place, I figured we’d wrap it up by flying over it once more. So, we started all the way back at the beginning and I recapped all 28 chapters in just under an hour! What a trek!

On a normal week, I average 10-15 hours of study and prep time as I get ready to teach. 10 hours X 40 weeks = 400 hours of study/prep in one book. And yet, with 400 hours of study behind me, our final recap of the book reminded me how much more I could still learn! God’s Word is rich! If you’re interested in listening to any of the messages, they’re all available in the Acts message archive on our website.

Since we began our study on our first Wednesday night, I thought it would also be a good time to also take a look back over the last year of Awaken. It was pretty interesting to look back and see how different the church building looked as well as how different the church body looked! There was even one Wednesday night that I taught to 3 women + Nate while we had 4 women and 18 kids in Kids Ministry! What a night that was! We had a good time, but we’re excited to see how it’s grown since then as well.

What’s next, you ask? Glad you asked. You’ll have to come to find out. I will tell you this: I’m excited for it! It will be a new one for me.

We’ll have a couple guest speakers over the next 2 Wednesdays, then we’ll kick off our new study on Wed, September 22. Hope to see you there!