Americans love caffeine. We drink it, eat it, and if it wasn’t so obstructive, we’d probably just have it pumped in through an IV. Did you know that you can even buy caffeinated soap so that your skin can begin absorbing your daily dose of caffeine while you shower? I wouldn’t go that far, but I do enjoy a kick of caffeine. Coffee is my favorite way of ingesting the caffeine, but there are plenty of other ways to get it as well, including my favorite energy drink, Red Bull (any other Red Bull fans out there?). Why are we so obsessed with caffeine though? Well, for many, caffeine gives that extra kick that many people need to wake up each morning (or keep going at night).

If you’re anything like me, my body isn’t the only thing that needs a kick in the morning – sometimes it’s my soul. I don’t always wake up overflowing with praise – if anything is overflowing, it’s the shower because I stood in it for too long. Sometimes it takes me a little while to get going in my time with the Lord.

So when your soul needs a little kick, what’s the best way to go about it? I recommend the Book of Psalms – it’s like Red Bull for your soul. Just a couple minutes in Psalm 19 or Psalm 73 (or Psalm _____ [insert your favorite Psalm]) is often all I need to remind myself of God’s glory and get me stoked to worship. Another great thing about the Psalms is that you have so many to choose from (150, to be exact). Not all of them are the perfect way to start your day (Psalm 38:7, for example, or Psalm 137:9). However, there are many great ones to choose from that will wake your mind up and get it ready for worship.

I’d also recommend finding a Bible translation that works well for you. Although I teach from the New King James Version, I often read devotionally from the New Living Translation or the New International Version or the English Standard Version. There are lots of great translations that may help you put it into your language a little more or even help shed some new light on a familiar passage.

Here’s a list of a few of my favorite Psalms that I like to kick-start my morning off with…

Psalm 8

Psalm 18

Psalm 27

Psalm 33

Psalm 66

Psalm 95

Psalm 100

Psalm 121

Psalm 144

I know I missed some great ones – what are your favorite Psalms?

Do you have any other ways that you kick-start your time with the Lord? I’d love to hear about it…