Next month, Awaken will be celebrating its very first birthday. Since we’ll only have ONE first birthday, we decided to celebrate in a big way. We’re stoked to have Jimmy Needham joining us for TWO Sunday services that morning (9 & 11am) in addition to a live solo concert in our church parking lot at 5pm that evening! We view it as a celebration of God’s faithfulness as well as an investment in the community of Clarksville!

In addition to all of that, there are lots of great things happening at Awaken right now…

– Today was our 7th week back in our newly renovated Riverside building. It looks better and fits us better than ever. Although, if we keep growing, I won’t be able to say that much longer.

– We’ve quadrupled in size since we moved back in. The move to Sunday mornings seemed to really resonate with Clarksville culture.

– We have only 3 more studies left in our “Forgotten” series. We’ll end right in time for our 1-year celebration on September 19! Can’t wait for our next study that will kick off Sunday, September 26!

– After 38 weeks in the book of Acts on Wednesday nights, this Wednesday will be our second-to-last study in the book! I’ll close out chapter 28 this week, then end it the following week with an overview of the whole book (That will be week #40 – a nice round, Biblical number, wouldn’t you agree?)! Can’t wait for the study we’ll start after that as well – kicking off Wednesday, September 22.

– We’re also excited to be back at Riverfest this year for our second time. It’s a super cool way to be involved in the community, and if you know anything about Awaken, you know we’re all about being in the community. That’s coming up in just 3 weeks – we just started sign-up for that today.

– After a year and a half of paperwork and correspondence, Awaken is very close to officially being affiliated with Calvary Chapel. I’m stoked to be a part of that fellowship of churches, pastors, and resources, plus, that will put us on the Calvary Chapel map, making it even easier for people to find us!

– If all of that wasn’t exciting enough, we decided to kick it up a notch by renting out the Roller Dome in Hopkinsville, KY next Sunday night, August 29! Nate owns his own rollerblades and even has a carrying case for them, so you better watch out!

We hope you’re involved in the awesome things God is doing in lives, families, and the city. If you’re not, make sure to join us Wednesdays or Sundays!