It’s hard to believe that we’re coming up on our one-year birthday at Awaken! Sunday, September 19 is the big day and we’re going to celebrate in a big way! We’ve been working on the details for this big birthday bash for months, and we were finally able to announce it this morning at church!

Here’s what’s going on…

One of my favorite Christian artists, Jimmy Needham, will be joining us on Sunday, September 19 for a couple guest performances in the morning during service, as well as a live show in the parking lot later that evening! In order to make room for people to bring friends, we’re doubling the seating capacity for our morning services by holding 2 identical services that morning – 9 and 11am (instead of our normal 10am service)! He’ll play a couple songs at each service and I’ll be giving a special message about what God has done and what He’s going to do! It’s a GREAT excuse to invite friends!

After the services are over, we’ll continue set-up for the parking lot portion of the party that goes from 4-7pm that evening. We’ll have blow-up toys for the kids, ice cream, cake, prizes, and tons more. At 5pm, Jimmy goes on stage for a live solo concert for everyone there!

Even before we made the announcement this morning, we’ve had people call from Oak Grove, KY and White House, TN asking for details. Jimmy posted some new concert dates on Twitter and people have been asking! You’ll want to make sure to be there!

The best part is, it’s completely FREE!

If you haven’t gone to lately, you should go now – it has tons of info about Jimmy Needham and the whole event as well as details on how you can be involved! We have posters, flyers, and postcards available at Awaken for you to grab and hand out/hang up around town. You can also RSVP on Facebook, as well as post a banner (like the one above) on your website or blog to get the word out!

Join us in praying that God would use this to get people to church who wouldn’t normally come to church. Also pray for the weather – on Awaken’s birthday list is 1) people getting saved, and 2) nice weather!

Hope to see you there!