Sometimes we settle for something that seems great, but in reality, is far less than God’s best.

Hugh Hefner is a prime example. For many men, he’s living the dream – sleeping with multiple women at the same time with no commitment. When he gets tired of one (or two or three), he moves on to the next.

I was saddened by the video that I watched this morning on CNN’s website. It’s an interview with Hugh Hefner himself about his life, his career, and how he views his accomplishments. The saddest thing I heard him say was, “It doesn’t get better than this, and I know it.”

He’s bought the lie that he has everything he could ever want. One day, reality will set in, and if he doesn’t turn things around soon, he’ll spend eternity regretting a wasted life.

Don’t settle for what the world has to offer. God has something better for you.

Click HERE to watch the video, and remember to pray for Mr. Hefner and many others who have settled for what the world offers.