As a pastor, I get to see people in many different stages of life. I dedicate babies when they’re real young, I get to do weddings, funerals, vow renewals, as well as visit people in the hospital and counsel people through good and bad. One of my favorite things about being a pastor is baptizing. It’s a moment in someone’s life that they always remember (which is why we don’t advocate infant baptism) as a day in which they identified themselves with Jesus and His people!

I got to baptize 2 guys last Friday – Chris and Luke.

Chris has come off and on to Awaken for a few months and has known the Lord for a few years, but had never been baptized till last Friday! It was awesome to be able to be a part of that moment in his life.

Luke gave his life to the Lord just a few months back at Awaken, and immediately wanted to get baptized. It was the middle of winter though, and the only water we had access to was very deep and very cold. He really wanted to do it, but I persuaded him to wait just a couple months till it warmed up and we could get together and celebrate (and we wouldn’t risk drowning and hypothermia). That day finally came last Friday! His wife, mother-in-law, and 2 little girls (Tatum is only 5 weeks old!) were there to celebrate with him. There were tears of joy as he shared his story, we prayed for him, then Nate and I baptized him. This was an extra special thing for them as well because he will leave in 2 weeks for his first deployment with the Army. They’re nervous, to say the least, but reassured with the fact that whenever Luke’s time comes, he knows where he’s going!

In addition to Chris and Luke, many people showed up just to fellowship and show their support. It was great seeing everyone there and we hung out for hours talking, swimming, and of course, eating. That’s one thing we Southern folk do well! Since we had some BBQ right before we baptized, I affectionately called the event “Dine ‘N’ Dunk.” It was a good time. Here are some pictures to prove it…

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