I am a living testimony of the title of this blog post.

I spent much of my teenage years living for myself, struggling with sin and hypocrisy. A big struggle for me was sexual sin. That’s one reason why I enjoyed teaching last week about an ex-prostitute named Rahab that God chose, saved, and used. No one is beyond God’s grip of redemption – even the people that we think are unforgivable or unsaveable.

If you haven’t joined us for our series called “The Forgotten,” we’re only 2 weeks in – tomorrow will be study #3. Watch last week’s message about Rahab below and watch the message about Phinehas here. If you’re an iPad or iPhone owner, you can watch them right from your device.

Or if you prefer audio, download them on our website or from iTunes!

Hope to see you Sunday morning at 10am. Tomorrow: Samson’s parents!