We live in a very sexual society. It’s everywhere. When doing a wedding, it’s rare for both individuals to still have their virginity. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who does Biblical Counseling in New Mexico (and by Skype across the US) who said that a majority of his counseling revolves around adultery, pornography, molestation, and more. I’ve even had a friend of mine leave his wife and kids for another girl. Living in Clarksville near a huge military post makes the adultery and divorce rate sky rocket even higher.

Over a month ago, I posted my first blog for heartsupport.com, a website designed around reaching out to people with addictions to drugs, sex, money, food, and much more. It’s a great ministry and humbling to be a part of it. My blog post is calledI’m A Pastor and I use Porn” and I describe how God can use our past to help others. It’s still the most read blog post on the site! Sweet.

Today I posted my second blog. It’s based on Proverbs 7 which talks all about the dangers of following after lust and describes how so many people walk down that path so innocently without stopping to think about what they could lose. The blog is called “A Porn Proverb and you can read it here.

Sex sells. It’s an unfortunate fact. But porn and lust is the world’s product, and as Christians, we have something far more valuable – a life of purity that is far more rewarding than anything the world has to offer. I encourage you to talk about these issues with people that you trust. Forward these blogs and others that you find helpful to friends that you know are dealing with hidden sin.

Sex sells…but what you’re buying is death. Don’t give in. Jesus is far better.