One thing we’ve been studying in Acts for the past few weeks is the missionary journeys of Paul. He’s a master at reaching the Jewish culture in each city. He would begin by reasoning in the synagogues and eventually branch out to the Gentiles. He even went as far as having Timothy circumcised (Acts 16:3) so as not to stumble the Jews (talk about commitment on Timothy’s part!)! Paul was great at embracing the culture without compromising the message.

One thing we’re still learning a lot about here in “Bible Belt” culture is how church is done. We want to follow Paul’s example (and Jesus’) to embrace our culture in the most effective way possible without compromising the message.

We’re at a pivotal point now for Awaken Church. We’re weeks away from being back in our Riverside building and we’ve spent a lot of time praying about some ideas on how we can shake things up a bit to reach the city of Clarksville for Christ even more effectively. Here’s a run-down of some new things we’ll be implementing very soon…


This is the main way that we plan to embrace our culture and our city in a more head-on way – doing church on the day when most people are used to doing church. Same service, different day. Our last Saturday service will be Saturday, July 3, and our very first Sunday service (and our first official service in our Riverside building) will be Sunday, July 11 at 10:00am! We believe that this will give many more people an opportunity to experience Awaken Church and get plugged in. We’re stoked.

By the way, if you’re planning to attend our first Sunday service, you can RSVP on our Facebook page, then tell your friends!


Wednesday nights will naturally take on their own personality now that our other service is a Sunday morning, but we want to continue to develop that. We’ll be adding tables, chairs, and drinks for before services on Wednesday night and inviting everyone to come 30 minutes early to hang out and fellowship. After all, fellowship is a vital part of the church (Hebrews 10:24-25).


We’re very excited about a few new additions to our Kids Ministry (most of it is just fun new stuff you’ll have come and let your kids experience for themselves). The main new addition will be a dedicated time for Kids Ministry worship. We’ll be adding TVs to each room and incorporating a time of worship, led by DVD, for all the kids 3 years and up. There’s no better time for them to begin learning about worship!


We didn’t add any rooms to the Riverside building, but we’ll be re-assigning a couple. The room behind the stage had begun to turn into a prep/storage room and we’re going to go the opposite direction of that now. We’ll be turning that into a prayer and counseling room. It will have a nice couch, a few comfy chairs, and it will be a great place to join with others for prayer and fellowship!


Here are a few other ideas we’re still playing with and other ways for people to get involved…

– greeters to welcome people, hand out bulletins & Bibles, etc.

– a person to oversee and run the Wednesday night before-service fellowship

– people to help with running slides, on-screen lyrics, sound, and video & audio podcasting

– we always needs help in Kids Ministry with teachers and teachers’ aids (it’s a great way to serve)

– we hope to eventually start up small groups that will meet some time during the week in homes across the city

Those are some of the main things we’re praying about and implementing. We’re very excited about this new season for Awaken Church and stoked to see how God will use it. I’ve enjoyed the Saturday night services, but I’m looking forward to transitioning into a Sunday morning service. Please help us spread the word, and please join us for the re-launch of Awaken Church on our first Sunday morning service in our Riverside building on July 11 (3 weeks from tomorrow)! Hope to see you there!

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