What were you doing this time last year?

A year ago today, I left the town I grew up in, Albuquerque, NM, and set out on the biggest adventure of my life: a church plant. My dad and I rolled out of Albuquerque around 6:30am in a truck pulling a trailer containing everything we owned. Jenn, Emery, and Adalyn (still unborn) flew out the next day and met us there. We had no idea what kind of adventure we were in for on our journey to Clarksville as well as over the next year to come!

Moving here to plant the church has been the most challenging and yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. It won’t always be easy being where God wants you, but in the long run, it’s ALWAYS best!

Here’s a little video recap of our move to the Volunteer State…