A year ago from next Wednesday (July 16), my dad and I left Albuquerque, NM at 6am with everything I owned in a truck and on a trailer. I could have never guessed that 8 months into our church plant, we’d lose everything due to a flood. Never crossed my mind. But just as I taught last night, “Adversity teaches us lessons that are often unlearnable any other way.” I wrote that in my sermon notes and realized that God was probably speaking those words more to me than anyone else! We have a learned a lot to say the least.

So here’s a quick update on the church, rebuilding, and how you can help…

We’ve been meeting in another church’s building for the last month now. It’s actually the second floor of the downtown Bank of America (high enough that the water can’t get us). It’s been great and the church (“His Church”) is allowing us to be there rent free, so that has saved us some money! We’re so thankful for a place to meet, but also very excited to get back into our old/new place.

The church building is coming along quite nicely. Most of the sheet rock is now up and they allowed us to make some changes to the layout of the church building. We expanded all 3 kids classrooms, added a couple walls, took a couple down, and built a sound booth in the sanctuary as well! That will bring some much needed room to the church – it will open things up and fit us even better.

We’re beginning the process now of re-purchasing thousands of dollars of ruined equipment such as tables, chairs, kids ministry supplies, paint, business cards, cables, banners, etc. There is A LOT to be bought. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the online shopping!

We’re aiming to be back in the building in the first part of July – it’s approaching quickly! We can’t wait!

Here’s how you can help…

If you’re here in Clarksville, we can use any of the above named items. We also could use some storage space for the next couple of weeks till we can start sticking things back in the church building.

Anyone can help out financially. We have online giving available through our website. You can also buy an I [LOVE] CLARKSVILLE t-shirt for $20 at iloveclarksville.org. Thanks to Vintage Church in Indianapolis, all the proceeds from those shirts go to us!
I Love Clarksville banner

– If you’d like to help paint or put things together, we’ll be doing that soon and could use help. Leave a comment below if you’re interested/available to help.

Thanks so much for all the support, encouragement, prayers, and financial support we’ve received from across the nation (and the globe) already! The Body of Christ is incredible!

For those of you who are interested in seeing the in-the-works stage of the church, here’s a quick video update. It won’t look like this for long, so enjoy…

(Is it just me or does the video thumbnail make it look like I’m trying to eat the PLAY button? I digress…)