What kind of calendar rights would you give Him?

God rearranged my calendar recently. A lot. I wasn’t planning on having a clean-up day at the church and pulling down sheet rock and kicking through walls (although that was pretty fun). I also wasn’t planning on meeting in another church’s building for a couple months while ours dried out.

A year ago, I quit my job at one of the biggest churches in America to move to a city I had visited twice to do something I’d never done: plant a church. It has been a ride. That’s a major understatement. I don’t always do good with a change of plans but recently God has been reminding me of the importance of adapting to changes and always expecting the unexpected.

I was thinking about this the other day when I was setting up my google calendar on my iPhone. I have it set up so that it syncs to my phone and my iPad. That way, I always know what’s coming next. It has a share option where I can allow others to see my events and even edit them and rearrange things (if I trust them that much!). As I was doing this, the thought crossed my mind: “If God were on Google, what kind of calendar rights would I give him. Here are the options…

1) “see only free/busy schedule (hide details)”

This is the easy one. God can contact me when I’m free – I’ll ignore when I’m busy or have things under control and don’t need Him.

2) “see all event details”

This is a little more daring. This involves letting Him see it ALL – whoa! That’s daring!

3) “make changes to events”

This one is tough. This means that at any time, God can cancel & add events without consulting me!

4) “make changes AND manage sharing”

This is the best (and hardest) of the 4 options. This involves giving God FULL CONTROL of your entire calendar.

As good as that last one is, ideally, we’d take it one step further: log out, let Him log in and change the password. Relinquish all your rights except for viewing rights. You just check in every day and see what God has on the calendar for you! Now THAT is scary…unless you know the God you’re relinquishing your rights to! In reality, us trying to control everything is the scary thing!

We all fall somewhere in the midst of those options.

Where do you fall?

What’s so hard about letting go of your rights and giving God permission to rearrange?