We’ve been focused on our own needs a lot recently. We lost thousand of dollars worth of stuff in the flood. That kind of devastation could wipe a 7-month old church off the map…but not Awaken Church.

We had such a great turnout to our work day last Saturday that we were the first building in our shopping center done. Everything 8 feet and below was taken out – the whole building was stripped down to the studs and the cement. Thanks to Carlo Serrano from First Assembly of God and a few other churches and volunteers, we knocked that thing out.

I was tempted to save some of it for our work crew from U-Turn for Christ that was due in the next day, but there was no point in saving work – surely there was more to be done!

The beauty of getting it all done on Saturday was that it freed the work crew up to focus on other people’s needs within the community, and believe me when I say there are plenty of needs everywhere you look! The team of 13 spent all day Wednesday helping a tool store clean up and said there’s probably at least another month’s worth of work in that one store! That’s just 1 of 144 businesses that were hit by the flood!

On Monday, we prayed that God would lead us to the right people and He definitely did. Julie Edler, from the church, knew of a lady that had just moved here 6 months ago because her son had died in the Army. Their basement flooded, which had created a major issue in their home. Lisa, the mother, was allergic to the mold that had quickly begun growing in her home, and their 3 special needs kids were also allergic. That left Ron, the father, and their 2 stepsons to do all the work of clearing out their basement, killing the mold, and bringing everything back in. Thankfully, what would have easily taken them weeks took our team of 14 about 8 hours! Armed with muscles and minds ready to work and vans and trucks ready to drive, we took truck loads and van loads of stuff to a storage unit so that the basement could be cleaned.

I realized how significant of an event this was when one of the kids asked Lisa what was happening. She turned to him and replied, “God sent these people to help us.” What a blessing to be a part of that! And to take it a step further, Lisa and 3 of the kids joined us on Wednesday night for church!

It’s amazing how God can use you when you look past your own needs! It made me wonder how many other families are out there just like the McLellan family!

I’m excited to see who God leads us to next week when we’re joined by a ministry crew from Vintage Church in Indianapolis, IN.

Get in the habit of looking past your needs. I’ll bet there’s a family or a person that’s in need like the McLellan family if you look hard enough. And now that we were able to help them, I don’t know who was blessed the most – them or us!