Good try, Satan. That whole “wreck the church with a bunch of water” thing was a good one. You gave it a sporting try. Unfortunately for you, I’ve been daily watching it backfire on you…and I love it!

I am blown away by how this tragic turn of events has brought the body of Christ together like no other event I’ve ever been a part of. Here’s an idea of what I’m talking about…

– We had church at the Edlers’ house on Wednesday since we didn’t have a building.

– 5 churches offered to let us meet in their buildings or offices for church. We got to choose! 5 days after the flood hit, we’ll hold our first meeting in our new temporary location (beginning tomorrow night at 6:30pm on the 2nd floor of the Bank of America building)!

– A couple from the church assembled a “Mobile Kids Minstry” box for us with all the supplies that we need to continue to minister to our kids wherever we end up meeting!

– One lady from the church filled her Suburban with cleaning supplies and is dropping it off for our clean-up day tomorrow.

– I know of at least 2 churches that are joining us tomorrow to help us clean up our building and our community.

– One girl from the church is making 100 sack lunches for us tomorrow to feed us, all our volunteers, and quite a few of our neighbors!

– We have a team of 13 people from a ministry in Chattanooga that will arrive Sunday night and stay through Wednesday night. They’re coming just to help and serve any way they can.

– One girl from the church is organizing all the host homes for the incoming groups. She already has homes, meals, and rides figured out!

– We have multiple people in the church housing these complete (Christian) strangers in their homes for 4 nights this week!

– A church in New Jersey who wanted to send a team to help but couldn’t with such short notice is funding the trip for the group from Chattanooga!

– The middle school group from that church is selling flowers this Sunday for Mother’s Day as a fundraiser for our church!

– We have teams assembling from Indiana and New Mexico, ready to come out here and light this place up for Christ.

– A church in Indiana is printing 200 t-shirts for us to sell to raise money to bless our community and get back on our feet after the loss of the flood (pre-orders begin soon)!

– Everywhere I go I have to charge my phone because of the endless amounts of calls, emails, and texts I get every day from people who are there to encourage. By 6pm on Monday, the day of the flood, I had 141 emails!

– Through Facebook, I met a guy who is setting up a concert for us that we will use to draw people in and share the Gospel with them.

– We have hundreds (maybe thousands) of people praying in many states as well as Afghanistan and Sydney, Australia.

I could go on, but I just don’t have time or room. What Satan meant for evil, God used for good! I can honestly say we have bigger vision and more excitement now than ever! God has used this tragedy to realign our priorities, reunite our vision as Christians, and revive our passion for sharing the Gospel with those who need it the most! May God be glorified through what Satan tried to use to destroy!