For the first time since Sunday, we took a drive down Riverside Dr. today. We had to drive through a few shallow ponds and past a flopping 16-inch catfish in the middle of the road (no joke) to get to the church parking lot, but we made it. Here are a few pictures of our journey…

If it looks like someone vandalized our church, that’s because someone did. His name is The Cumberland River. He left mud everywhere. We’ll just call it “mud” because it just sounds better than what it really is (a mixture of dirt, gasoline, oil, trash, and raw sewage).

The bottom 4 1/2 feet of all the walls and doors in our building are ruined, but I gotta admit, they look pretty sweet.

Kids toys and business cards decided to defy gravity and hang all over our church walls. It made for some pretty cool art. Very modern…or something.

The Bibles are a bit muddy. I saved one as a flood memento. I don’t think we’ll be passing them out at church for visitors any more – we’ll go ahead and pull out the non-muddy ones.

We thought about adopting a new “reclining” method with the chairs during service. I’m afraid “Awaken” church might turn into “A-sleepin'” church, though, so probably not.

Thanks for the prayers and DONATIONS! We’re excited about the huge ministry opportunities in front of us and blown away at how things are lining up for God to do something big. We begin cleaning the church on Saturday at 8am. We have teams coming in from New Mexico, Chattanooga, TN, and Indiana! God is good!