It’s surreal to think that we live in the part of the country where emergency responders are being dispatched to. Our county is one of 6 (that I know of) in Tennessee that has been declared a state of emergency by President Obama.

We’re tentatively planning on a clean-up day this Saturday at the church from 8am-2pm, but we know that’s just the beginning. Besides our building, there are hundreds of other businesses, organizations, and families that need help cleaning up and moving on with life. We want to help facilitate that and while we’re at it, share the love of Christ!

We just received word tonight that a team of 12 from U-Turn for Christ in Chattanooga will be heading our way on Saturday to help with the clean-up. We’ll be finalizing details with them in the morning. We’re also working with a church in Indiana and some individuals in New Mexico to possibly organize not only a huge clean-up effort, but also a community event with a band and a Gospel message. There are many hurting people around here and I figure we need to seize the opportunity while people are really feeling their emptiness!

There are a few ways that you can be a part of this:

Prayerfully, of course. Wherever you are, you can pray for our church and for our community. Pray that God would use us powerfully as we reach out and offer a helping hand to hurting people.

Financially. You can give financially by clicking HERE. We need money not only to replace thousands of dollars worth of lost stuff, but also to help the community and hopefully put on an event that will draw people in and provide an opportunity for a large-scale Gospel message! Events like this cost money, but no amount is too small to be a part of reaching Clarksville for Christ!

Hands-on. If you’d like to get your hands dirty (literally), do we have a job for you! Clean-up will begin this Saturday, but our community will be cleaning for weeks (possibly longer). Digging through a bunch of ruined possessions really puts things in perspective and opens up huge doors for ministry! We want to use a tragic event like this to change eternity for many. We can’t guarantee housing, transportation, or anything, but we’re willing to try to work out whatever details we can. Leave a comment or drop me an email if you’re interested in joining the front lines for a few days!

Again, we have so many people to thank for their help through prayer and online donations. We’ve had 4 churches offer their buildings for us to meet in as well as at least 3 different states working on bringing teams out here to help us clean up and reach out. We have people praying for us in Costa Rica, Afghanistan, New Mexico, Colorado, New Jersey, California, Montana, and many more places. Thanks so much!