We’ve done a lot of advertising in the community: a billboard, posters for store windows and Starbucks community boards, thousands of business cards, fliers, window posters at our church, event sponsorships, radio ads, free teaching CDs at community events, Twitter, Facebook, and a few more. I know there are plenty of things we could still try and plenty of things we’ll do down the road, but from our experience so far, the most effective advertising has been satisfied customers.

When people come to Awaken and catch the vision and feel God move, they become the best form of advertising that the church has to offer. And the best part is: they’re free!

That doesn’t mean that we’ll stop all other forms of advertising – we had quite a few people who came to the church after they noticed our billboard that was up for a couple months across the street from the college. We even have a couple attending our church that saw our banner that we put out on the sidewalk before service begins. They got on the website, liked what they saw, and have been coming and serving ever since!

What we try to provide is the motivation and the media to help the people attending Awaken to get the word out to their friends. We provide business cards and teaching CDs that are small and easy to hand out. They all have our website on them as well as some info about the church. We also began a new thing with our bulletins recently. We printed them with similar information, but in a different layout that enables them to double as a bulletin AND a flier. The front is our logo and website – real simple. The left page is a bunch of info about the church, all of our contact info, our mission statement, etc. The right inside page is where we print upcoming events and announcements, and the back page is where they can take notes. The great thing about this layout is that when they’re done with the bulletin, they can rip it in half, take the right side home (announcements and events on the front, sermon notes on the back), then hand the left side to a friend (it has all the info about the church that anyone would need). This is also great because any leftover bulletins that went unused can be ripped in half and used as fliers!

What are some creative ways your church uses to get the word out?

What methods have you found to be useful?

What about social media? Does your church use it?