We’ve arrived. Atlanta, Georgia was our destination and that’s where we are. We’re enjoying free wifi in our room now before heading to Calvary Stone Mountain for the Deep South Pastor’s Conference.

I’ve been to a few conferences before, but this will be my first as a senior pastor (that sounds so old). I’m excited to learn from men in the faith who have gone before me and learned many of the lessons I’m learning now. I’m also inspired by guys who have been doing this for so long, being faithful through the good and bad. I’m humbled to think that I’ll be learning right next to guys who have been doing this for years.

All of that reminded me of the importance of always being on the quest for more wisdom. When God told Solomon he could have anything he asked for, that was what he wanted – wisdom. Proverbs talks all about it and how valuable it is.

Probably the hardest part about learning and seeking wisdom is the humility that’s necessary to do so. It’s humbling to admit you don’t know what you’re doing or could use some advice. That’s the challenge of seeking wisdom and also the beauty of it.
When you’re around a wise person – someone more experienced than you – learn to be quiet and listen. If you’re going to talk, ask questions. There are endless pieces of advice to ingest wherever you go.

You won’t agree with everything, so learn to be discerning. Just like eating fish – you chew the meat and spit out the bones.

Never. Stop. Learning.