I was super blessed this week when the other pastors at church pitched in to get me an iPad. I really wanted one, but knew I didn’t need one, then they surprised me by taking me to Best Buy and hooking me up. I got it Friday and had to hold myself back from opening it up till I had my preliminary studying done for Saturday night. It was challenging to resist, but I did it.

One reason I really wanted an iPad was to preach from it. Ink is expensive, plus I don’t have room on my pulpit for Bible and open teaching notebook without overlapping them. No big deal, but I was excited to give the iPad a shot. I was under the impression that it was going to be super challenging to figure out how to get my notes formatted for the screen and imported to my iPad. I was glad to find out that it was actually very easy. As in 5-minutes easy.

All I did was download an iPad app called GoodReader, increase the font size from 12pt to 16pt, and export as a PDF. From there, I just followed the directions from GoodReader, synced my iPad, and it was ready to rock.

Also, just for a little extra flare, I took my title slide, flipped it 90 degrees, and added a jpg of it to my notes before I exported it as a PDF. Not necessary, but I liked the extra look.

Preaching from it was flawless. I took my friend, Levi‘s advice and made sure the sounds were turned off and the screen lock was set to 15 minutes so that it didn’t shut down and lock while I was preaching. Up-sizing the font took my notes from 5 pages to 10 1/2, so that was a little different. Over all, it was great preaching from it. It was very portable, and neatly packaged.

I normally have a pen with my teaching notebook for any last-minute changes I may want to scribble in. Right before I left for church, I found another app called PadNotes that allows you to import a PDF then make extra markings on top of it – you can scribble in your own notes or even add typed text on top of the PDF. I barely got a chance to try it and don’t know how much I’ll use it, but we’ll see.

Over all, I loved it. I’m blessed to have some friends that were so generous to me and stoked to use anything I can to make Jesus famous.

Oh, and it was great to see new faces at church tonight and start a study through an incredible book, Esther.