There were a lot of things I loved about being a youth pastor: Red Bull, coffee, crazy kids, lock-ins (oh wait, I hated those), loud music, making kids eat disgusting things that I would never eat, etc. One thing I really disliked about being a youth pastor, however, was that I never got to preach on Easter. Youth group was always canceled on Easter Sunday so that we could all be with our families.

Good Friday and Easter were always 2 of my favorite services each year. Such huge contrast between the 2:

death —- life

mourning —- rejoicing

darkness —- light

defeat —- victory

I remember last year around this time. I knew that I’d be in Clarksville for my next Easter and I couldn’t wait to preach on Easter Sunday. Now, that day is almost here!

We’re planning a Good Friday service that we’re very excited about. It will be a communion service focused solely on the death of Jesus Christ. Solid Gospel stuff. Invite a friend for sure. It will be on the lunch hour, so hopefully you can take a long lunch and join us from noon-1pm. More details to come.

I’m also super stoked for Easter Sunday. I’d like to spill all the details here, but now’s not the time. All I can say is that I’m really excited to be able to preach on one thing that sets Christianity apart from every other belief system: OUR GOD ISN’T IN HIS GRAVE ANYMORE!

Make plans to join us for both. It’s literally the biggest weekend in Christianity and it’s exactly one month away. More details coming soon…