Last Wednesday, I wrote a blog about how no person is unsaveable and no situation is impossible when it comes to God. That night, we studied that same idea in Acts 9 as we saw Saul of Tarsus, the serial Christian-killer, come to Christ! If anyone was at the top of the list of “Unsaveable” people, it was Saul, but God shredded that list and saved him and many others!

There are many modern day examples of Sauls. People who most people would never think could be saved. It’s always incredible to hear their stories and I wanted to share a site with you that will encourage you, convict you, and hopefully inspire you. It’s called I AM SECOND. The idea is to put yourself second and live for the One who really matters. There are lots of great video interviews on the site including Tony Dungy, Steven Baldwin, and even Brian “Head” Welch, who quit the multi-platinum rock band Korn after receiving Christ. There are also plenty of lesser-known people on there: couples, musicians, and many others, who came to know Christ after going through horrible situations.

Don’t count ANYONE out.

Make sure to swing by the site and share the videos with everyone you know. This is a very well-built, professional-looking site with extremely well-made videos and powerful testimonies. It’s a killer resource – use it for all it’s worth!

As a side note, I’m working on a new blog series that will go up next week, featuring written interviews from people in ministry across the nation. The series will wrap up with a blog interview from Brian “Head” Welch himself! Stay tuned for more info about that!