I’m not talking about sit-ups or pull-ups or running laps. In fact, if you’re within reach of pen, a piece of paper, and a lighter or some scissors, this exercise can be done from the comfort of your chair as you read this! It’s an exercise in visual learning…

We’re all visual learners – our minds work in pictures. To prove the point, here’s a quick test:

If I said the word “couch,” what do you think of?
You probably think of your couch: the color, the texture, that Kool-aid stain…
Here’s what I think of:

(That’s the couch in my office.)

Here’s what I (and probably you) did NOT think of:

God made us to be visual people. That’s how we work, so we need to do an important visual exercise. One that will help us remember an important lesson.

Here’s how it works…
Grab a piece of paper and a pen and draw a line all the way down the center of the page. On the top of one column, write “Unsaveable People” and on the top of the other column, write “Impossible Situations.”

Now, fill out the list appropriately.

In the Unsaveable People column, write the names of people that you’ve convinced yourself can never be saved. They can be anyone still living: celebrities, co-workers, friends, family members (the more you know them, the better). Be honest. I know you have some of those people in mind. It might take a few minutes to think of some, but I’m sure you can.

In the Impossible Situations column, write a basic description of certain events that you’re convinced will never happen or are impossible. I mean serious stuff, not like “Bill Gates will never own and iPhone” or “Steve Jobs will never own a Zune.” I mean stuff that maybe you’ve given up praying for or not really attempted to pray for because you don’t want to be disappointed when your prayers aren’t answered. It could be anything: “My parents will never get back together,” or “My mom will never be healed of cancer,” or “My son will never get off of drugs,” or “I will always be addicted to porn.”

Once you get it filled out and are pretty confident with it, you’ll need one more thing. It can be anything (or multiple items, if you prefer) that can destroy paper: scissors, a lighter, a paper shredder, a food processor, a coffee bean grinder, etc. Be creative. This is where the visual part of your mind really kicks in.

Now, before you get to the destruction, pray. Thank God that NO ONE is unsaveable for God (2 Peter 3:9, John 3:16). Thank God that nothing is impossible with Him (Luke 1:37). Ask God to forgive you for ever writing someone off as “unsaveable” or condemning something to the “impossible” side of your list.

Now, for the part you’ve been waiting for:

DESTROY that list.
Cut it, burn it, shred it, slice & dice it, tie one end to one car bumper and the other end to a car bumper going the opposite direction, and tell those drivers to DRIVE! Whatever will help you remember (and not burn down your house or hurt people in the process), DO IT!

When you’re done, spend some more time in prayer for those people that you now realize are “saveable” people and those events that you remember are “possible” with God.

Need some Biblical examples?

Saul of Tarsus
The thief on the cross next to Jesus
A bunch of useless, uneducated fishermen…

Walking on water
Feeding 5,000 people with a little kid’s lunch
Dead men living
Paralytics walking
Lepers not having leprosy
A virgin getting pregnant…

I hope you get the point. Your list meant nothing to God. He’s not held down by the things we think can’t be done, so don’t hold yourself down by those things either!