FACT: This Sunday at noon, you and yours have nothing better to do than lace up some stylish bowling shoes and show off your skills (or lack thereof) on the bowling alley.

What’s that? You don’t believe me? Let me give you 5 reasons that you need to be at Skyline Lanes by noon.

1. It’s cheap.
For $3.75, you can get a pair of bowling shoes (rent, not own) and 2 games of bowling. That’s a serious deal. Let’s think what else you can get with $3.75: 7 1/2 50-cent gum balls, a kids-size shake at Steak N Shake, a couple tacos full of regret from Taco Bell, or a pair of pants at Goodwill (if you snag a half-off deal or something). Besides the pants, none of that will last you long. Definitely not as long as 2 games of bowling. It’s just a great deal.

2. It’s stylish.
Of course I’m mainly referring to the shoes. Who doesn’t like wearing a pair of shoes that smell like Lysol and have old shoelaces and multi-colored fake leather? No one that I can think of. Bowling can be stylish in other ways too, especially if you accessorize: bowling gloves without the fingers, muscle shirts to show off your biceps when you roll that heavy ball down the gutter…I mean lane, not to mention your approach. You’re stylin’.

3. It’s fun.
Any time you can mix throwing something heavy, knocking things down, wearing funny shoes, and hanging with crazy people, you can’t go wrong. It’s serious fun.

4. It’s relaxing.
No it’s not. You’re chucking a heavy ball down a long lane as hard as you can. It’s not relaxing. Sorry I misled you.

5. It’s humbling.
We all need a dose of humility and bowling will dish that out by the frame. In addition to looking goofy and acting like that 10-pound ball isn’t too heavy for you, let me remind you who you’re up against.

Jeremy: He owns a Wii. Anyone who owns a Wii is a threat. 

Nate: He went to college for bowling. No, seriously. He needed an elective course and bowling was one of the options. He almost went pro.*
*I might have made that up.

Denver: Natural skill.

Me: I’m tall which makes me a natural threat. I also took bowling lessons when I was 6 and received a trophy for breaking 100.*
*on the bumper lane

Aaron: Have you seen his muscles? If so, you know I have no reason to explain why you’ll lose to him.

We really hope you’ll join us at Skyline Lanes THIS SUNDAY from noon-2pm. It’s all of the above and more. Plus, this would be a great way to invite a friend that’s a little hesitant about coming to church. Maybe they’ll come hang with us and see that we’re actually normal, fun people (besides our extreme bowling skills, that is).

Click HERE for all the details and a map on our events page. See you there!