We are moving full-steam ahead in our calling to reach the city of Clarksville and we want you to be a part of it! Reaching this generation for Christ is a challenge and full of risks, but we won’t let that slow us down. We have lots of vision for reaching Clarksville in 2010 and I thought a good place to start would be to let you know about it and how you could be involved.

What will happen when you collide with eternity?
That’s the question that supplies the vision for this event. People get so caught up with the here and now that they forget about eternity. Every person has a collision with eternity that is quickly approaching. It’s time for people to do something about that.

When we went to Heritage Park in the summer as part of our Unight outreaches, it was a HUGE success! Heritage Park has the only skate park in town and it seems to be a bit overlooked by the city and most others who don’t skate. Those kids need Jesus just like anyone else, though, and they were very open when they met people who went out of their way to reach out to them. When we mentioned the idea of putting on a skate comp, we had their undivided attention. It’s never been done here, from what they told us. They normally have to drive to Nashville for something like that. We want to change that. We want the Nashville kids to drive to Clarksville for once. We want the kids here in Clarksville to understand that we care and most of all, that Jesus loves them.

That’s where Collide Skate Comp comes in.

Coming from a church with a skate park and skate ministry and having run mission trips centering on skate park ministry, we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing. We’ve seen the power of reaching a crowd that is normally looked down on and kicked to the side.

Collide Skate Comp is tentatively scheduled (waiting on the city’s approval and also some funding) for either the Friday right before Spring Break (Friday, March 19) or the Friday of Spring Break, March 26. We want to have a band, food, drinks, loud music, tons of skaters, daily giveaways leading up to the event, and of course a Gospel message where we pray many people commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

That’s all cool, but besides the Gospel and love of Jesus, none of it’s free. So, here’s how you can get involved. I see 3 main ways:

This is the only logical place to start. Even if we had all the funding and felt pretty confident about pulling this event off, this would be the place to start. The power of people praying for us and this event around the city and around the nation is priceless. Join us as we seek the Lord about this event. If you are praying, leave a comment on this blog and let us know, or email us at info@awakenchurch.org. We love it!

We’ve set up a dedicated secure giving page for those who want their financial gifts to go directly to this event. We still have to pay our bills to keep the church doors open, but if you want to give above and beyond that, this giving page is for you. Any gift helps and 100% of it goes toward Collide. It’s also tax-deductible, as are any of your gifts to Awaken.

Ministry is hands-on and we’ll need lots of help to bring this thing to life.
Are you a Christian skater? Come grind for God’s glory.
Do you make a mean burger? Come grill for God’s glory.
Do you love to share your faith? Come share God’s love.
Whatever church or city or background you’re from is beside the point. If you want to get involved, let us know. Leave a comment or drop us an email: info@awakenchurch.org.

Here are some specific needs for this event:
– a Christian band and stage
– lighting
– food and drinks
– giveaways (shirts, CDs, skateboards and accessories, iTunes cards, etc.)
– money for printing and advertising (radio, billboard, flyers…)

Thanks for prayerfully considering being a part of this event. We feel called to reach this generation and understand that our time is extremely limited. We can’t wait around till everything is just right – that will never happen. We will forge ahead and trust that God will provide for the vision He has given us.