There are many things in life that I would enjoy missing:
– wisdom teeth extraction
– school (when I was younger)
– falling on my tailbone while snowboarding (happened yesterday)
– breaking my collar bone while playing football
– ____________________ (you can probably fill in your own blank)

One thing, however, that I’m not enjoying missing is church at Awaken. Tonight will be the second service that I’ll miss.

The good news is: church goes on without me! That’s a good reminder for everyone at church as well as for me.
Here’s some more good news: you’re in for a treat while I’m gone.

Last Saturday, if you were there, you got to hear from Pastor Chris Edmondson of One Church. He’s a great guy with a big heart for the Lord, the city, and Awaken Church! It’s very refreshing to meet a guy like Chris who is ready to help any time something is needed. If you didn’t hear his message from last Saturday about “influence,” make sure to get it from the podcast or the teaching archive on the Awaken website! Joining him, leading worship, was Jamie Worley, another great guy from Clarksville with a similar love for the Lord and heart for the city. He leads worship at Hilldale Family Life Center each week and plays around the city in different venues.

This Wednesday (TONIGHT), you’ll get to hear from one of my best friends, Nate Witiuk, who most of you know from church. I was excited to give him a chance to teach and he’s really looking forward to sharing some things that the Lord is teaching him. As you know, he and his wife, Jenn, moved out to Clarksville with us to start Awaken and they have been indispensable to the church! I’m really looking forward to hearing from him and you should be too. In addition to Nate teaching, Kevin Riner, another local worship leader and good friend, from Xtreme Church, will be there to lead worship. He’s a great guy that has also been a helping hand to the church and has led worship for us once before.

Long story short, DON’T MISS TONIGHT’S SERVICE! It will be a special communion service as we look ahead to the new year and look back to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us!

Although I don’t like missing services, I’m thankful that things continue just as well (maybe better?) without me. I’m praying for Awaken and thankful for all those who are lending a hand to help things run smoothly. I look forward to being back with you and back in Philippians this upcoming Saturday! See you soon!