It was weird being away from church this weekend. As church was happening in Clarksville, I was sitting backstage with a bunch of the pastors from the church that trained me up in ministry, Calvary Albuquerque. It’s always good visiting here – we know so many people here and have such a good time. Coming to Albuquerque will always feel like home…but I am excited to get back to my real home in Clarksville!

I got to open up the 11:15 service with a buddy of mine, Levi Lusko, who is the pastor of Fresh Life Church in Kalispell, MT. When I first went on staff at Calvary as the mid-school youth pastor, he was the high school youth pastor. We served together for a couple years, and eventually each planted our own churches. It was cool to be back together for a little while.

Tonight I did a wedding for a couple that was engaged for 15 months (492 days to be exact). The coolest part about it: they had never kissed before tonight! Incredible. 4 years together including 15 months of planning a wedding and not one kiss…until tonight. The photographer had mentioned to me that he was nervous about missing the first kiss, but there was no missing this one – it lasted a good while! In fact, one of my friends leaned over to his wife and mentioned, “If the camera broke, they could have painted that one!” What a testimony of their love for God and each other in not only saving their virginity for marriage but even their very first kiss! Amazing. It CAN be done!

It was good to hear lots of great reports about church while I was away. Nate Witiuk will be teaching on Wednesday while I’m gone. Make sure to be there for that – it will be a special communion service!

Jenn and I get back on Friday and I’m excited to be back in Philippians 3 on Saturday! Read up. See you soon.