Just a normal corner of the nursery, right? WRONG. It used to be a normal corner of the nursery, now it’s been given a nice addition: speakers. They’re small, but they work. Not just to listen to music, but most importantly, they’re wired with a live-feed of the service going on in the next room!
Although whoever is watching the kids won’t be able to open their Bibles and take notes, they’ll at least be able to track with whatever is being taught next door.

So, if your excuse for getting involved in helping with the kids was that you didn’t want to miss a service, consider your excuse busted. And as always, we have each service available online at awakenchurch.org or on CD at the back table. Hope you enjoy it and are blesssed!

By the way, this is my 100th blog. I didn’t picture myself blogging about computer speakers in the nursery, but I am glad that the message is able to reach a few more people.
100 blogs. Ahhhh. What an accomplishment.