“Do ALL things without complaining or disputing.” – Philippians 2:14

I taught on those words last night in addition to quite a few others in Philippians 2. These were by far the easiest to understand (compared to human responsibility & God’s sovereignty in vs. 12-13), but definitely some of the most challenging to put into practice.

Whenever I preach something, I get many chances to live it. Sometimes I do well with the tests that come my way, and other times, not so well. You know how it goes. Today, I was tested.

I went Christmas dress shopping.

With 5 girls.

For 4 hours.

I kept this verse in the forefront of my mind, quoting it to myself over and over throughout the day. I was determined. I certainly was not perfect. I complained a few times. But, for the most part, keeping this verse on hand rocked my world today. I realized today what a whiner I can be. Whether it’s waiting for someone to get done in a store, feeling hungry, wondering when we’re leaving, or any other “whine-worthy” reason, I could have whined, but (for the most part), I dodged the whining.

My take on it: I like it. It felt good to be positive and not bummed out. I should try this more often, like maybe every day?!

Have you tried fasting for a day from whining? I heard about a pastor who challenged his church to fast for a week from it. Whenever they whined, they had to contribute $1 to their “ugly jar”, then turn in that money the following weekend at church. In one week, just from whining, they raised $11,000 that they gave to local charities. I guess that’s good?

Stop complaining and start cooperating. It’s such a better life.

You can donwload Saturday’s message on Philippians 2:12-18 called “A Well-Oiled Machine” from our podcast in iTunes by clicking HERE. Hope you’re blessed by it.