That’s what our new billboard is screaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the next month. Maybe not audibly, but hopefully graphically.

I’ve been eying this billboard location since we moved here, but it’s been taken…until this weekend. It’s in a prime location: exactly 1 mile from the church (according to Google maps), across the street from the college campus, in a very busy part of downtown, plus, it’s in a school zone, which means that for a large portion of each week day, people have to drive 20 mph past our billboard. Nice.

I’ve done a lot of design over the last 5 or 6 years of my life. I’ve designed websites, fliers, business cards, t-shirts, sickers, buttons, logos, but this is my first billboard. I like it. It’s fun designing something on the computer then seeing it on display for the whole city to see in a very large format.

It seems weird at first thought to pray for a billboard, but that’s what I’ve been doing. As simple as a large piece of vinyl plastered to a big metal sign is, it’s also an opportunity to spark an interest in the hearts of passers-by. I love that God can use something simple like this to grab their attention. Ultimately, though, the goal is to get them to come to the church and from there, we pray that God rocks their world. Join us in prayer that God would use this simple form of media to change people for eternity.

Wanna see some more pics? Of course you do. Click HERE.