Last night was a great night at Awaken! I love getting together the people each week, plus, on Wednesdays, we serve FREE Lasater’s coffee. Free coffee makes everything better. Seriously.

Every service so far, we’ve seen new faces  – some come back, some don’t, but that’s to be expected. I talked to one guy last night who is new to the whole Christianity thing – a co-worker of his recently led him to the Lord! He wasn’t attending a church, and his mom happened to pick up an are you awake? card with the skull on the front (pictured). He told me, “I have a few Grim Reaper shirts, but I never thought that was ok for church.” He was pretty intrigued when he saw that we were advertising with a skull, so he thought he’d come check it out. He said the message last night was exactly what his friend had been telling him – God knows and is in control of the future, so our lives should reflect that. I’m glad he came and I hope to see him back. I told him to wear a Grim Reaper shirt next time.

On another somewhat morbid subject, Halloween is just a few weeks away. While the world celebrates death, we will celebrate death at church as well…in a much different way, of course. We will celebrate the only death that can offer us true life – Jesus Christ. If it weren’t for His death, we’d all have to die eternally for our sins. There would be no hope and nothing to look forward to. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a church service on Halloween and I know I’ve never taught on Halloween, but this time, I’ll do both – kill two birds with one stone (since we’re on the subject of death and all). It will be our first ever Communion service and we will end service about 30 minutes early for a few games for the kids. Plus, every kid who comes get a FREE bag of candy. This isn’t just any bag of candy, either. It’s not the orange marshmallow shaped like a peanut or the generic white-wrapper candy – it’s the goods. Bring a friend and we hope to see you there!