Quick plug for our Kids Ministry:
We love kids at Awaken…and it's a good thing, because we have plenty
of them! Jenn Witiuk is our Kids Ministry Director and she does a
fantastic job coordinating the lessons, snacks, and other volunteers.
We have a full Bible curriculum for them and lately they've been
learning about Adam and Eve.

Emery has never told me about Adam and Eve till I asked her to tell me
a Bible story the other day. Here's how it went:

"Adam and Eve in the garden. Disobeyed God. The snake made Eve eat
fruit. And she took a big bite like this (chomp!). Adam ate the fruit
too. Then Eve died."

It was a bit of an abrupt ending but pretty accurate nonetheless. I
was so proud of her for telling me that and so proud of our kids
ministry that is teaching those kids about Jesus from such a young
age! Super cool. If you have kids, bring them- they'll love it!

Awaken Kids is available at both weekely services: Wednesday and
Saturday at 6:30pm. Sign-in starts 15 minutes before service with
classes available for kids 8 weeks to 10 years!