I always enjoy news reports when the news anchor gets pulled into the action. You may remember back in 2005 when Al Roker was reporting on the incredible winds of hurricane Wilma on the Today Show. Of course, it’s never enough for him to say, “Sure is windy out there.” Instead, he has to try to stand in the wind. Not possible when gusts reach up to 135mph! In fact, even with a guy lying on the ground holding his leg to anchor him, the wind still blew him over! It made for some great TV.

I think Al and Luke, the author of Acts, would have been friends.

Tonight at Awaken’s first Wednesday night service, we kick off the book of Acts with an overview message I’m calling “The Aftermath of the Ascension.” Would the work that Jesus began on Earth crash and burn after He left? The answer is an emphatic “NO” when you look at the power of the Holy Spirit through some very ordinary men. Just like Al Roker, Luke wasn’t satisfied with a simple documentary of the events happening around him – he had to be in the action. There are 3 distinct “we passages” in Acts where, instead of just interviewing people and detailing the facts, Luke joins the action. I think if a modern-day director turned the book of Acts into a film, it would have a documentary feel with a twist of action flick in there.

Luke is very detailed and covers many of the important events that led to the growth of the Christian church after the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. We should be grateful for the book of Acts, because without it, when we turn in our Bibles from John to Romans, we’d wonder how Christianity ever made it to Rome. Acts gives the answers. Although many films had unnecessary sequels that were obviously riding on the coat tails of the first film, Acts is a very necessary sequel. It gives us the background of the spread of Christianity, the story of the life of Paul and ministry of Peter, the answers to how Gentiles (like me) were included in the faith, and much more!

Make sure to join us on Wednesday nights as we journey through the book of Acts in a series I’m calling “To the End of the Earth.” We meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm for our study through Acts and each Saturday at 6:30pm for our study through Philippians that kicks off this weekend. I highly encourage you to come in person, but if you can’t make it, or you miss a week, download the teachings from our teaching archive or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes!

Oh, and if you’re in need of a few more reporters who got pulled into the action they were documenting, these should help satisfy that craving…