Tonight was our last UNIGHT of the summer. 8 down, 0 to go. Tonight ranked in the top 3 of all 8 parks – we cleared 109 burgers, 78 hot dogs and close to 300 drinks! From 5:30-8:00 it was almost non-stop lines of people waiting for food and loving the fellowship. It was great to see people there that had found our website, seen the signs, or read a flier. Some just happened to be at the park when we showed up and were glad we came with free food.

I got to talk to some great people tonight, many who are just so thirsty for solid, Biblical teaching. That’s what we’re here to do. I love explaining expositional teaching to people who have never heard about it before and seeing their faces light up as I talk about teaching straight through a book of the Bible.

It seems Satan tried again to prevent this event from happening. From relationship issues within the church to Jenn sick last night and me at Urgent Care today, Satan tried to discourage, distract, and ruin. Again, he failed. Not surprising. He’s a pro at failing.

It seems crazy to think that UNIGHT is over for the summer. Looking back, we realize how great it’s been:
-grocery store runs because we ran short on burgers
-door slams when we said we’re from a church
-skaters grabbing cold drinks by the 12-pack
-tons of new faces and excited, hungry people (physically and spiritually)
-2 people accepting Christ and hundreds of planted seeds

It’s sad to say goodbye to an event that has been so good to us, but the end of UNIGHT marks the beginning of something new: Awaken Church is about ready to officially begin! This time 3 weeks from tonight, we’ll be done with our first church service and thinking about our first Wednesday night service.

It’s not the end. It’s just the beginning…

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