I can’t believe it’s almost over. We’ve been planning these UNIGHT events for a long time now – at least 6 months. Now, they’re about to come to an end. That’s bittersweet. Bitter, because they’ve been great and we’ve seen God do some great things. Sweet, because with UNIGHT being over, that means services are about to begin! In fact, this time 4 weeks from now, we’ll already be done with Awaken’s first ever church service! I can’t believe it.

Tonight was awesome – Valleybrook was an excellent park to set up at. The weather teased us a little bit, but God held back the rain as He tends to always do. Satan tried to ruin this outreach by blowing our fridge and spoiling all our burgers, hot dogs, and cheese. It’s all good though. He’s going to have to try MUCH harder than that! When I was in Albuquerque, a random guy that I met after teaching on Wednesday handed me $100 for our park outreaches. God provided for our need before we ever even knew we had it!

We also found an incredible place for service in the park. It’s a big grassy hill with a natural stadium-type slope. We may wait till we add a Sunday service, then do Saturday night at the church and Sunday morning in the park with a church picnic after that! If only the creek that runs through the park were deeper, we could baptize then too!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the park this week – it was great to meet a bunch of new people as well as see some familiar faces. We look forward to possibly our biggest one yet next week at McGregor Park Riverwalk. We dropped by today and just happened to grab the last two parking spaces – I don’t think we’ll have any problem getting people to come. Plus, since it’s right next to a Wendy’s, Jeremy recommended making a sign that says “Why Wendy’s when Awaken has them for free?!” We may not go that far.

Make sure to check out the pictures from tonight’s event on our website!